Unlawful Killing

In October 1995

Diana, Princess of Wales

wrote this letter to her butler,

predicting her own violent death.

Unlawful Killing - the movie


Canada is to remain

a constitutional monarchy


we will want

to choose our sovereign


King Charles is well known for his association

with the World Economic Forum

which promotes a world government

answerable to no one

King Charles is nullifying

the Glorious Revolution

which firmly placed 'the power'

within Parliament

after several years of civil war

which saw King Charles I beheaded

because he would not 'renounce'

the Divine Right of Kings

in preference to the will of Parliament

With world government King Charles

will have no obligation

to the people of the United Kingdom

as it was in feudal

England Scotland and Ireland

Global Britain King Charles Great Reset

Understanding The Tentacles of the British Empire

first 10 minutes of 'advertising' is a bit much

however the podcast is good background

read full text of H.G.Wells'

The Open Conspiracy

last edition 1933

a fascist world government

Has the King JUST committed treason?

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